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OUR LINES ARE OPEN 9:00 - 17:00

How to book your Holiday


When you have chosen your holiday or holidays please contact us to confirm availability and to reserve your seats on the coach. If you have no preference, we’ll allocate you the nearest available seats at the front of the coach. However, when booking your tour you can choose from all available non-booked seats. Once allocated these seats remain yours throughout the holiday.




Travel Insurance


We do not sell travel insurance direct, but you may find the Towergate Travel website of interest, as it provides travel insurance quotes for coach holidays. Please click through on the link provided to visit the site, please click here.



Size & Weight of Suitcases



We ask that you do not bring any Large suitcases or any case more than 18 kilos. You may bring one medium suitcase each, taxi companys may not take your case if its too heavy, so please respect your other travelling passengers who maybe in the same taxi as you.


Please make sure each case you bring is no heavier than 18 kilos

and is no bigger than a MEDIUM size case.Their dimensions are usually between 60x40x25 cm and 70x50x30 cm.

Large cases dont fit in the taxis !



Booking Form


To Download a booking form please Click Here


Please fill this in and return to us with a deposit of £50.00 per person.

Once we have received a completed form and deposit, your seat/s on the tour are secured.

 We’ll then send you confirmation and the balance details.

The final balance for your tour is due approximately 8 weeks before the departure date.



Please Note:


If all our lines are busy, you may need to leave a message outlining your enquiry or booking requirements.

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